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Swinging Grill 1500 PS-1G

Swinging Grill 1500 PS-1G

from 2.790,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Deutschland/Germany 150,00 EUR 
Östereich/Austria  Luxemburg  Belgien/Belgium  Frankreich/France  Niederlande/Netherlands   219,00 EUR 
Schweiz/Switzerland 369,00 EUR 
Großbritannien/UK 279,00 EUR 

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Product no.: 1500 PS-1G
Ball bearing swivel
Cooking grate to keep warm

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Swinging Grill 1500 PS-1G
Swinging Grill 1500 PS-1G
Swinging Grill 1500 PS-1G
Swinging Grill 1500 PS-1G
Swinging Grill 1500 PS-1G
Swinging Grill 1500 PS-1G

Fire Bowl

Diameter:  1500mm
Material:  steel ST37  DIN proved
Material thickness:  6-7 mm
Height of the fire bowl:  ca. 750mm
Height of the edge:  ca. 200mm
Closable ash hatch:  integrated in the bottom to extract the ash
Stands:  80mm diam., demountable with flange
Surface treatment:  thermoplastic paint
Surrounding railing:  27mm diam., stainless-steel, polished, demountable
Total weight of the fire bowl:  ca. 152kg

 Cooking grate

Diameter:  ca. 1530mm
Material:  stainless-steel 1.4301 food-safe

Staff thickness:

 8mm, bright drawn
Rund pipe railing:  43mm diameter, polished
Chain set:  complete, stainless-steel V2A 1.4301
Total weight of the cooking grate:  ca. 52kg


Material:  stainless-steel V2A 1.4301
Rectangular pipe:  60 x 40 mm
Gallows:  demountable with flange
Surface treatment:  polished
Height:  ca. 2250mm, or as desired an other height
Cable winch:  mounted
Cooking grate to keep warm:  not included in the price
Ball bearing swivel: not included in the price


As professional long-term producers of extra sized swing grills we were able to gather a lot of experience on this area.

Our constructions are customized for the commercial use of food showmen and catering companies and satisfy the properties, which professional used swing grill most provide: which are

quality, functionality and longevity.

Our swinging grills no matter what size are mountable and demountable by 1-2 persons. They are practically to transport and also to be integrated in a booth.

We offer for every swinging grill retrofittable stainless-steel covers, practical clipboards and as desired other practical details.

Especially, we put our eye on the massive and accurate production of our goods. For example all fire bowls with a size of 1000mm or more are made of at least 6mm strong steel plates.
The positive feedback of our customers shows us that we are reliable and competent in this field.

Of cause, we take the local conditions of our customers in account and will produces our goods according to their notions and ideas.

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