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Our welding-technique


We use two different welding-techniques to produce our ware, on the on hand side the WIG-impulse-welding and on the other hand side the MAG-impulse-welding.

Both techniques are based on arc welding.



Welding is known as an inseparable connection of components by using pressure and heat.

The process of welding creates an electric arc between the electrode and work piece. By leading the welding electrode closer to the work material the gas becomes ionized, which makes the air conductive, and the voltage can jump over to the work piece. As the gas gets ionized it turns into plasma which is hot enough to melt steel and so to weld steel.

Before the work pieces can be welded by fusion welding or arc-welding must the welding edge be clean. At this all kinds of oil, wax layers, varnish or scale must be removed so that the welding edge becomes pure metal, otherwise the weld would not be stable.


This welding-technique works with a pulsating welding power between a basic- and an impulsive-power with variable frequencies, basic- and impulsive-power-heights and -latitudes.

The impulsive-heights, pulse-frequencies and impulsive-latitudes can be controlled separately. The very precise adjustable heat transfer makes a good gap bridging and root weld possible as well as welding in difficult positions as in corners or fillet welds. It avoids weld mistakes at the weld beginning and ending and gives the opportunity to make especially the melting on surfaces of heavy metal outstanding. 






The MAG-impulse-welding is, as well as the WIG-impulse-welding, a kind of arc-welding. By this technique a motor unwinds a welding- wire from coil and leads it automatically to the welding point. A wire (according to the work piece, at our work made of stainless steel) is lead directly to the welding point by a contact sleeve, the welding wire melts. At the same time a die adds protective gas, which protects the weld from the oxygen’s influence. With a gas mixture which fits the metal it is possible to avoid side effects like brands or sputter pimples.

Because MAG-impulsive-welding requires quick welding tempo it is also possible to work in difficult positions with only light deformations. That why this welding technique is mostly used in the area of thin sheet metal.




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