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Salmon grill board

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Our compact swinging grills are worthy of their name.




Our grill gallows have usually a jib length in the lower section, which gives the cooking grate the opportunity to swing all over the fire bowl.
To change the grill in to a fire bowl you can remove the gallows easily by pulling it straight out of the plug-connection. 


Grill gallows’ plug-connection for compact swinging grills

Our grills are built in a special way which gives the possibility to move the cooking grate away from the fireplace.
There for we attach importance to our exact plug-system, which gives the gallows the opportunity to slide easily into a sleeve. There is a spin-lock at the sleeve to prevent the gallows from swinging to the side by its one. This spin-look makes a movement of the gallows only possible if the grill master does it.


Material thickness

Strong materials are sensible
All our fire bowls have a material strength of at least 5 mm and are proved according to European norms. Those tests grant you a stabile construction without deformations and not only for the next 10 years.

Even the standard series’ fire bowls have stands of stainless steel so they will not rust on wet grounds. Safety is also very important. That is why all our grills, also those of the standard series if you wish, have a railing.  


Removable staffs

For the user it is of cause much easier to remove the staffs individually and put them into the dishwasher or lye. Also manual cleaning is much easier because there are no niches, welds or edges.
To prepare the next barbecue just put the staffs back into the railing and enjoy.

Our cooking grates have always a strength of 8 mm which makes it to a product with real durability. 
The exact production guarantees that the staffs’ lock will last so they will not loosen themselves by chance.

Stainless-steel cooking grate welded conventionally



Our cooking grates, made of high-quality stainless steel, are the best. The processed closed ring made of a round pipe guarantees a construction, which cannot be surpassed when it comes to the point of stability. According to this we process only staffs with 8mm strong bright drawn material (except of seasonal offers of 5-6mm strength which are declared shortly before) which makes it very easy to clean. Your cooking great is not just indestructible, it is also low-maintenance and its charming appearance fascinates. Each cooking grate is so heavy that an easy handling and so much fun during your barbecue arises.
Of cause you get a complete stainless steel chain set to every cooking grate.


The cooking grate’s illumination


All of our swinging-grills and each gallows for private use, even up to a pipe diameter of 1000 mm, has an extra bright LED-illumination (9 LED’s).
The light is fixed at the winch and is adjustable in its angle. A stainless steel sleeve protects it from weather and changing the batteries is fairly simple.

With those little details you will have more fun during your barbecue and an functional help.

Swivels small but helpful


The small ball bearing mounted stainless steel swivels (bearing capacity 250 lbs) are included in the price. It can appear that those swivels are not available because they are not easy to procure.


Grill gallows for your individual fireplace


In our range of goods you will find suiting grill gallows for your own innovative fireplace. It is equal if angular or round bended, all our gallows with a jib of 600mm or more are made of a round pipe with a diameter of 43mm. This diameter guarantees a minimal suspension of the gallows. A stainless steel chain is lead through the stainless steel pipe so the elegant appearance stays. An adjustable light is fixed at the winch which is protected from weather by a stainless steel sleeve. To change the batteries is fairly simple.
The ground pipe, which must be set in concrete, has a middle bolt that gives you the chance to keep the gallows’ given height. A locking screw in the upper part of the pipe gives you the opportunity to lock the gallows in each position and prevents any roaming of the gallows. 
This stainless steel ground pipe is included in every gallows’ price.
On our web-side you will find a fireplace-configurator, which will help you by planning your project.


Combi grill

Our Combi-Grill offers you a peaceful, comfortable and elegant form of barbecue. The cooking grate and lifting system are easy to remove and makes it fairly simple to turn the grill in to a fire-bowl with bonfire atmosphere. The spindle makes it possible to adjust the cooking grate continuously in range of 150mm.


Salmon grill board

The Salmon-grill-board fits on every fire-bowl. We prefer a special Scandinavian maple for our Salmon-Grill-Boards. This wood is very hard, fine pored and aromatic. Its characteristically sweet-dry aroma is a comfortable advantage for cooking.
Of cause are the plug hinges and the fish grate of stainless-steel 1.4301 very stable, which guarantees its functionality also if it is used frequently.

The Salmon-grill-board is adjustable in its angle to adept it to the heat. 
Because of the easily adjustable fish grate you can fix your fish tightly on the board, according to its size.
Put the Salmon-grill-board on a table, your prepared fish on top of it and fix it with the fish grate and the screw-nuts on the board.


Stock fish

Stok fish - as delicious as grilled salmon.
Of cause is the stock fish set’s complete grill-attachment of stainless steel extremely stable, which guarantees its functionality also if it is used frequently.

A handle makes it possible to adjust the angle to adept it to the heat.

A stable beech stick with 12mm diameter gives the possibility to pierce the fish and is easy to handle this way.

The stock fish set fits on every fire bowl; by small fire-bowl with little wall strength you should use a small distance plate.


Cable winch

This strong winch is not only strong in its outer appearance but also in tis handling. The complete massive execution suits perfectly the rest of the opulent strong swinging-grill.

We did not only set our eye on the functionality during development, we also included a little refinement. In this case it was important for us to lead the stainless steel cable through the winch’s inner corpus which is not only an advantage for the aesthetics but also so for the durability.
Especially the, in each winch integrated and through 360° rotatable standard light is very handy. Of cause it is clasped in stainless steel, easy to demount, works with just 3 customary 1,5V batteries (included in the price) and has and outstanding luminosity with 9 super bright LED’s.
So even in darkest night you will have light.


Ash drawer

The ash drawer faciliates taking the ash. A small removable lasered round blank sheet at the bottom of the fire bowl enables a comfortably breeze in of ash in the fire bowl into the drawer underneath.


The cooking grate lies heavyly and firmly on the extremely stable grill-gondola.
The cooking grate on a grill-gondola gives the user the maximal accessibility to the grate. But it is a pity; physic says that it is impossible that the cooking grate hangs centred when the struts face the user while the grate is as big as the fire-bowl. It will always stand a bit out. We recommend you to buy your cooking grate on a grill-gondola smaller as than the fire bowl.


Charcoal grate, why? 

We have developed for nearly any fire bowl a fitting charcoal grate for perfectionists. This gives the ember extra oxygen and an even surface for a purposeful barbecue.

Is a Lid necessary? 
The fitting lid protects the fire bowl not only from rain but has in first place the important duty to stop the sparks from flying, so you can leave your bonfire carefree.


Grills for commercial use

Our professional swinging-grills are constructed to cope with any task they meet in the commercial use and satisfy the essential requirements, which a professional swinging-grill has to meet – quality, stability, functionality and durability. Demountable are all our swinging-grills easy to handle.

Of cause we have not forget the outer appearance of this, because it plays an important role for the costumer.
We produced the swinging-grill crown especially for your trade. It will catch the eyes of your potential costumers even at long distance and lead them to you. The swinging-grill crown of stainless steel1.4301 has an inner surrounding LED runner (exchangeable) which puts it into the right light. The connector with a 12V transformer is in the price included.
Each swinging-grill can be retrofitted with a swinging-grill crown. The cables lead through the gallows’ pipe.


Varnish of the fire bowl made of steel

We protect our fire-bowl’s steel ST37 with thermoplastic paint; however, the paint will wear in the fire’s core. This is inevitable because no paint can resist a fire’s core heat for a long period. We use only special high-temperature resistant paint which is highly anticorrosive and offers the material protection up to a temperature of 800 °C. But in the fire’s core it appears that there are higher temperatures.
Although our paint is very environment friendly you should cauterise the fire bowl for 1 or 2 hours
If the paint wears on some point essentially out (flash rust), which does also settle on the fire bowl after a certain period of time if it is exposed to rain, remove the rust with a wire brush or sandpaper and repaint it with thermoplastic paint. You will get this paint in every construction market (heat resistant paint, thermoplastic paint etc.) or order it at our house in a spray can. When you repeat this procedure your fire-bowl will get more resistant because the paint will burn in.
Also an impregnation with WD40, especially for storing the fire bowl during the winter has proven itself as helpful (as spray can in every construction market available).
Please do not expose the fire-bowl to any rain if it is possible. Store it at a dry place. This is the most effective rust prevention. 



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