Cooking grate with removable bars gets tested


Cooking grate with removable bars? Is there a lot of sense in that? 

For what do you need the charcoal grate? I fill the usual quantity of charcoal above...


So I have a pile of charcoal and I have to remove some, because I really spent some coal.


We are a little bit sceptical if the bars are not rotating while grilling. It must not impede our work.


Now we take down the steaks and we determine if the bars do not fall out of the rim.


Not a single bar slips and wobbles and the bars are not rotating. Hard to believe but we become convinved.


For our team it' s an enormous reduced workload if we have more than one event at one weekend. The cleansing of the removable bars is essentially easier.

For me it means 1-2 hours more leisure time per cooking grate. I like this very much. I don't have to occupy myself by cleansing any more.
The cooking grate passed the test by us professionals.
We recommend it gladly.

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