Stainless-steel enriches life like no other material. It makes all days life easier, gives an efficient energy supply, ensures warmth and light, makes it easier for people to travel, gives your life security and provides exemplary work at the environmental protection. You can expect steel everywhere. Old and trust but still new and exciting. Stainless-steel makes life easier.





There are more than 100 different kinds of stainless-steel.
Therefore there are different stainless-steels for different corrosive conditions available. Those steels have got a fascinating characteristic: They are self-repairing.
Because of the steel’s alloying agents content the surface develops, in easy words, a passive layer.
If the steel’s surface gets damaged this passive layer, which is only a few atomic layers thick, develops itself under the influence of oxygen or water.


This passive layer is the reason why stainless-steel needs no extra corrosion protection and can look like new, also after many decades.





Stainless-steel is neutral to food



Stainless-steel is robust

The hard material is very resilient and extremely scratch-proofed. The great warmth-share is another advantage.












Stainless-steel is easy to clean

In outdoor arias the rain’s cleaning efficiency is usually sufficient enough to prevent damages.
You can also use a stainless steel cleaner but you always should use a soft towel for cleaning.






There are special liquid cleaners on the base of phosphoric acid to remove stubborn dirt and external corrosions. Those cleaners should be applied with a towel and removed with clean water after a short period.



Stubborn dirt



You can use chrome polish to clean neglected surfaces. Greasy or oily soiling can be removed with an alcoholic cleaner. Be careful that you do not spread the soiling instead of removing it.


The stainless-steel surface will keep its irresistible beautiful look as long as you clean regularly.

This you should avoid

The high-alloyed steel should have no contact with black steel. Iron depositions on stainless steel destroy the high-alloyed stainless steel’s passive layer and lead to patches of corrosion. If this happens (by external rust or by steel containing cleaners or by accessory) use a warm or hot (60-140) high-pressure cleaner.


Even for a prophylactically cleaning you must not use a chloride or hydrochloric acid containing cleaner as well as a silver polish.






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