Do I have to log in for order? 


No, you can order as guest.  



If I order a product with shipping per pallet, do more accessories cost delivery charges once more? 


No, all accessories, which we can packed in addition on pallet, are principally free shipping.  



Orders from Switzerland 


We do not charge value added tax for orders from Switzerland which delivery adress is in Switzerland.  



Delivery to Switzerland 


We deliver often and gladly to Switzerland. The delivery charges per parcel shipment are still acceptable, however, the delivery charges for forwarding are very expensive unfortunately. Therefore we deliver to an address in Germany or to a parcel counter in Germany. Here we have to charge VAT first. After clearing please send us your stamped invoice and possibly the export certificate. So we have the possibility to repay you the VAT.  



Can I send my order to another adress? 


During the order process you have to fill in the boxes of invoice address and delivery address. You can give two different addresses or you tell us by telephone or e-mail.   



On which ways can I order? 


You Can order in our shop,you can send us an e-mail including your product of wish (you will get an order confirmation) or you can contact us by telephone. 





Order Processing 


Subsequent to your order you receive an order confirmation. Then we expect your payment. After payment your article will packaged and sent to your delivery address.  



I do not get an order confirmation 


Please check if your e-mail adress is correct under “My account” and if our order confirmation does not filtered in your spam folder. Otherwise please contact us. 



Is it able to cancel my order? 


Unless the article does not yet forwarded for delivery the order can be cancelled by writing or by telephone. 




Payment methods   



How can I pay? 


We provide various payment methods. Cash payment on collection, Sofort-Überweisung, PayPal-payment, on account, payment by credit card, payment by installments and of course bank transfer.  



Do you deliver on account without Paypal as provider?   


Yes, to public institutions and such companies.  



Do you provide cash on delivery? 


Yes, if you wish. Unfortunately, we have to take charges. 







How can I order a voucher? 


Please click on gift vouchers and choose your value. 
In the order confirmation you will receive the voucher code. 



How can I redeem the voucher? 


During the order in our shop please fill in the voucher code in the provided box. This will be charged.
Also you can redeem the voucher on collection at our house.





Delivery Time/ Delivery  


How long does the delivery take? 


If the article can be delivered by parcel shipment within Germany (excluded islands), it takes 2-6 days after payment. To neighbouring foreign countries delivery takes few days longer.  


If articles concern which are delivered by forwarding with pallet (within Germany, excluded island) (with telephonic advice), it takes ca. 5-10 days after payment or by agreement. To neighbouring foreign countries delivery takes few days longer.  



Delivery in which countries? 


Principally we deliver in all countries, but we are not able to give all delivery charges exactly because of height and weight of our products. Therefore, please inquire the delivery charges for your selection and country by e-mail or telephone. We charge the delivery charges specially for your needs.  



I have got a part delivery 


Often the parcel shipment is not able to identify two parcels belonging together, which have the same delivery address.


As a rule the second or further packages will receive you at the same day or a day later. If it should not be this way, please contact us and we will care for the stay of your package.  



I receive an obvious damaged delivery 


Delivery by parcel shipment -


Please deny the receipt, if the package is obvious damaged and inform us.  



Delivery by forwarding- 


To warrant a frictionless delivery we give your telephone number to the forwarding so they can inform you about the delivery date.
The recipient should check the packaged article of transport damage directly after receipt and in the presence of the freight forwarder. 
If damage on the product is noted, the recipient have to make a damage report towards the freight forwarder (forwarding). This should be noted by writing on the scanner of the freight forwarder who have to quit it, otherwise demands can not be maked towards the company Libatherm. 
If the article is delivered without a pallet, please deny the receipt and note it on the scanner. If the freight forwarder retain the pallet without your agreement, note it on the scanner, too and inform us. The pallet is your property.  



Why don't you deliver by free shipping? 


Our philosophy is to show us transparent and fair towards our customers.   
Delivery charges are not to avoid, they accrues at shipping, that is the way it is.
There is the possibility to hide it in the product price or to save material of the products, so the hidden delivery charges don't influence the final price overly.
So it will not helped both you and us. You as consumer want qualitative products with a long durability and we want you to be willing to recommend us. 
The forwarders raise the prices so much so we do not have another possibility to refer it  to  to the customer. 
We are always anxious to hold the delivery charges little, certainly, you as customer should conceive the effort of delivery with pallet. Other pallets may not put on our pallets in the shipping space. The pallet is transported by our forwarder to a cooperating forwarder in your closeness, it is advised telephonic there and delivered at your time designation.
All in all, it is an high effort which can not cost little money. 

Of course you can collect the ordered product in our house or you can organise the transport by yourself. 




Refund of my product   



Refund trough damage by delivery or if I do not like 

In case of damage trough delivery or in case of rejection trough delivery damage the article will delivered back to us by the forwarder.
You have the 14-day right to return, of course, we let the article return at one's own charge. The paid invoice amount will repaid by us within 14 days.




Direct buying   



Can I view the products at your house and buy directly and collect it? 
We would be very glad about your visit. In a little exposition we can show you almost all of our products.
If in stock you can buy and collect your product of wish directly (so please contact us before your visit).  



Do you produce all your products by yourself? 


Yes, we are producers of our products and produce it here locally in 49186 Bad Iburg except few accessory articles( e.g. the vegetable bowl) which are not necessarily made of stainless-steel.  



Is it possible to view your products in other shops or sales? 


No, we do not work with other sales in Germany. They would expect high profit margins in that way, the final price will unnecessarily raise.  



Do you have and send catalogues of your products? 


We do not create a catalogue, because we extend our assortment annually or we optimize existing standard products. So we have to produce a new catalogue every year and the costs would affect the final product price which have to beard by customers and the producer. This is not our philosophy. 

We show all our products on our website www.libatherm.de. Gladly we produce as required by customers. All details have to be discuss before.  



Do you produce special sizes? 


Yes, but mainly for showmen and catering. For the private customer we produce as required sometimes, too, but for temporal reasons it is not always possible. Please ask us basicly. 




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